​George Pandazis | Gabriel Ftelkopoulos
14.11.2017 - 09.12.2017

A new artistic collaboration will be presented at Lola Nikolaou Gallery from November 14th to December 9th, under the title "ATROPOS".

The two artists, Giorgos Pantazis and Gabriel Ftelkopoulos, move artistically between concepts that raise concern and at the same time offer interpretations. In a visual conversation, they exchange and complement each others’ symbolism, which refers to the inevitable within the evolution of nature, in the everlasting cycle of renewal.

The artists focus on a process that involves randomness and perishability. Through installations that combine paintings and mixed media sculptures, they recount their story about the inevitability of fate and spirituality that seems to be lost. They try to recreate a lost image of the first dawn of the world. An image that once caused admiration and surprise, now serves as a reminder of the inability to identify beauty. Symbols like the sunflower, sun-rising and a folding screen, carry the meaning of the human condition and compose a new idea of the world, where virtual landscapes, geographical separation, and the mutation of uniqueness, create doubt.

In order to focus on the sacredness of beauty and the fatality it could resign in it, they compare the gallery space with a temple of their own, which, carries qualities that come closer to the original function of a temple, that of observing the natural phenomena, as well as reflect on and ponder about them. The two young artists, through the immersive experience they have designed throughout the gallery, they invite visitors to practice their own inner-sight, following the signs as the sunflowers follow the sun.

Georgia Damianou ,


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